Friday, June 30, 2017

Quick links: June 30th, 2017

Oh man everyone, you're in for a treat: TWO MOSTDECE POSTS IN TWO DAYS! Since there's no official teams list yet, I missed a few things - and as this is car reveal season, things are moving quickly.

On the topic of the teams list, someone on Facebook has seemingly-definitively announced that the official team list will be announced on July 6th, 1300 Adelaide time - so sit tight for another week

Of possible interest to our German readers, Nigel pointed out perpetu-blog, which has some articles on WSC.

On the team front, there's one team that I missed that is showing significant progress: Polytech Solar Team, from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in Russia. Not much to see on their Twitter and even less on Facebook, but a TON of photos on VK. They're deep into the construction of an asymmetric catamaran, with the sides of the array nicely blended into the catamaran fairings - very similar to Punch's car this year. Looks like they'll be doing leading arm suspension up front, based on the shape of the chassis.

KUAS unveiled Apollo VIII yesterday, and it is indeed a catamaran/tunnel style Cruiser that is similar in concept to Kogakuin's car last year, although not quiet as elegant. I'm pretty sure it's a two-seater.

Apollo VIII
(image source)

There's a video of it driving around on Facebook. The window attachment looks a little dodgy, but there's plenty of time between now and the race to fix that. Also, DANG that window tint is deep - that's gotta be breaking reg 2.17.3, right?

IVE's unveiling event isn't supposed to be until July 2nd, but a photo of it has snuck out early in a news article:

Sophie VI

It looks like the car has a lot better fit & finish than Sophie V did last time around. Notable in the news article, a claimed 300kg weight (not bad for a two-seat solar car), and magnesium alloy suspension.

Finally, it appears that Siam Tech *is* actually working on a car, it's just that their social media accounts have changed a little and I didn't find them before... their current website claims that they are building both a Challenger and a Cruiser car! The Challenger Edison is illustrated as fairly generic asymmetric catamaran, whereas the Cruiser Nikola is... literally a traced-over copy of Bochum's 2015 car.

(totally not traced over a photo of Bochum's SunRiser, we swear)

And neither of those illustrations match the car that they're currently building on Facebook. So, who knows?

In the near future, Stanford is unveiling July 1st (today!), IVE (officialy) on the 2nd, Bochum on the 5th (although we already have renders), Michigan on the 7th, Minnesota on the 11th, and Nuon is unveiling on the 25th. Principia should also be unveiling really soon - the car is all done, but this is the only photo they've posted so far... They're bringing it to Formula Sun in Texas for a shakedown race before WSC in the fall, and scrutineering for that race starts on Monday!

Finally, maybe it's the beer talking, but let's close out this post with a moment of zen from the App State team as they pack up for FSPG.

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