Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quick Links: September 30th

Quick links and news from the past few days. In no particular order:

Scientific Gems has posted a summary of the WSC route.

News story about SunSpec's return from their August fire. The SunSpec team is also rapidly posting new photos of the car to their Facebook page. Note the half-cells on the module on the nose of the car, presumably to boost the voltage of the small modules and better fill the space. The car looks really good, doubly so for a car that was built in little more than a month! I'm deeply impressed, and wish them the best of luck in the race. They've already sent some members on their way to Adelaide.

News story about TAFE SA.

Sunswift's eVe is now fully road legal.

The first group of Tokai team member have departed for Melbourne.

Twente has been approved to test drive on Australian roads. They also revealed that they are doing 4-wheel steering, which has helped make the two fairings on the left even smaller.

The Megalux team members have arrived in Darwin today.

CUER is testing Evolution at the Alice Springs Inland Dragway today, as part of their trip north from Darwin to Adelaide.

Anadolu has posted a Road to WSC video onto their Facebook page.

Ardingly's car has cleared customs and the team is doing emergency response training.

WSU has departed for Darwin

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