Friday, October 2, 2015

Quick Links: October 2nd

Quick links and news from the past few days. In no particular order:

Very interesting article about Michigan's weather forecasting

Testing on the Cox Peninsula is heating up, with multiple teams out testing simultaneously.

WSU has departed for Darwin, and released this video about their car. They've made it up to Port Augusta.

Nuon continues testing. I'm always amused at how basic their trailer is, compared with other teams. They clearly don't plan to need it much during the race :p

Scientific Gems posts a solar car song, good choice! I'll have to add it to my "solar car sunshine songs" playlist :)

Some of Kogakuin's team has arrived in Darwin, apparently after scouting the race route in reverse. They've obtained their license for testing Owl on the roads in the Northern Territory

UKZN has received their car in Darwin, and the team has started a blog.

EAFIT-EPM is continuing to set up their workspace and test their car

It sounds like KIT is due to depart in two days or so.

Bochum met up with Blue Sky near Darwin.

Tokai's car has arrived in Melbourne.

News article about NWU.

SunSpec has shipped their car.

Adelaide University has started the journey to Darwin.

EcoPhoton has posted a photo of some spare parts.

The University of Minnesota is camped out in Glendambo and claims that they will be testing tomorrow.

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