Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Quick Links: October 7th

Quick links and news from the past few days. In no particular order:

Scientific Gems made a short post on solar car caravans and a post about teams yet to depart.

Nuon has posted a very interesting blog about their suspension design.  Most of the top teams with asymmetric cars are doing leading arm front/trailing arm rear suspension this year, mimicking what Nuon did in 2013.  For example, Tokai has switch away from double A-Arm in 2013 to leading/trailing in 2015.  Nuon has moved to a much more conventional setup, with double A-Arm up front and trailing swingarm in the rear.  They claim the move was prompted by stability concerns, but don't believe it compromised their aero packaging much, if at all.

MegaLux has received a license for road testing on the Cox Peninsula, as has Minnesota. MegaLux is already out testing.

Punch continues to be mysterious.

SunSpec has received their car from customs in Sydney.

NWU's car: not as big as an unspecified dinosaur. The team mentions in the comments that the car is in Australia, and the team is on the way.

The IVE Sophie team ran into the Lodz team at the Hong Kong airport while traveling to Australia.

More Tokai members are traveling to Australia.

UNSW has posted an update on Facebook about testing on the Stuart Highway. They claim to have seen several teams (not necessarily cars) along the way: SunSpec, Tokai, WSU, and Minnesota. I spy another photo of Minnesota's car with some damage on the front left corner...

The Anadolu team has departed for Australia.

Michigan is still testing on the Stuart Highway in SA.

WSU is also still doing extensive road testing in SA. They have a live tracker on their car.

Hidden Valley has opened up to teams, and many teams have started setting up shop. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but Siam TechKogakuinDurhamCUERMegaLuxKookminTAFE SA, Principia, UKZN, and Minnesota are all on-site.

Someone tweeting for is trackside at Hidden Valley.

Durham is installing their solar array, and has some sort of mysterious announcement planned.

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