Saturday, October 10, 2015

Brief WSC 2015 Update: Saturday October 10th

Maybe I should have held off a day on the last update - a bunch of teams have showed up to Hidden Valley in the last 24 hours. So one last quick update before gettin' on a jet plane (or more properly, three of them).

As far as we can tell, Tokai, Anadolu, KIT, Beijing, Persian Gazelle, UNSW, Houston, and Liberty Christian all arrived at Hidden Valley with their solar cars since the last update - so 35 out of the 45 teams are on site. The following 10 teams are the ones that we can not confirm have their cars at Hidden Valley or nearby:

AntakariStatus Uncertain. No news from the team at all.

MIT: MIT's car landed in Sydney at least three weeks ago. Some team members recently departed for Australia.

13 WSU: The team is trucking the car up the rest of the way to Darwin, after several days of testing in SA. The team spent last night at the Mataranka Hot Springs just south of Katherine, which looks like a super relaxing way to spend their last day before getting down to business. I'd expect them to show up at Hidden Valley today. See their spot tracker for their latest position.

16 Stanford: We finally have enough confirmation to feel confident reporting: Stanford had some sort of accident on the Stuart Highway in South Australia, sometime over a week ago. They were most recently spotted a day or two ago in Erldunda, having completed repairing some damage to the car and heading further south to continue testing in SA. Whatever happened, it sounds like the car is all patched up now.

Interestingly, I think this also means Stanford is the only remaining team continuing to test in South Australia. Michigan, Cambridge, Minnesota, UNSW, and WSU all packed up and headed north for Darwin days ago.

27 RVCE: Not looking great... The RVCE team actually showed up at Hidden Valley two days ago - abet sans car. Their blog says that their car is stuck in Australian customs, because the Cartet report (customs paperwork) wasn't included with the shipment.

The team claimed in a Facebook post over a day ago that "It's another couple of hours until SoleBlaze will rejoin his family", but no word since then.

47 NIT: The car shipped a while ago, and the team has departed for Australia.

24 ITU: Status Uncertain. The team has been dead silent since unveiling the car around the start of September.

31 ITS: Status Uncertain(?) No news from the team in several weeks. reports that there are rumors the team has encountered issues in shipping - on the other hand, ScientificGems reports that the team is in Australia, and the car is due on Monday.

EDIT 0200 UTC OCT 11: ScientificGems tweeted a link to a ITS team member's Facebook, appearing to show the team receiving their car.

43 Ardingly: The team's car cleared customs in Sydney a while ago. Team members are still arriving.

45 Lodz: The team has arrived in Darwin but it's not clear if they have picked up their car yet. It sounds like the team has some sightseeing plans.

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  1. Whilst you've been in transit:

    Ardingly arrived at Hidden Valley

    Also MIT

    And WSU

    NIT got their car - not sure if it is at HV or another workshop elsewhere

    It looks like Antakari are out, they've dropped off the Bridgestone supported list.