Friday, October 16, 2015

WSC 2015: 16 October 2015

I spent most of the day out at Hidden Valley, catching some photos of the cars. However, a bunch of teams were re-presenting to the scrutineers today. The big news: everyone passed static scrutineering! Congrats to all of the teams on their hard work.

NWU showed off their front suspension, which as I suspected, is based on bicycle parts. The monostrut is interesting, though. Solar cars are a lot heavier than mountain bikes...

Punch revealed a secret weapon of their own :)

WSC's published to Facebook a little piece on the artwork adorning WSU's car.

Kogakuin posted some photos of little miniature models of Owl. How do I get one! They have also gotten their whole-car-tilt approved by the scrutineers, with some modifications (they will not be using the air mattresses). It looks like they can use the windshield mylar while rolled over sideways as well as when they're upright. Finally, they've been doing some analysis on their competition.

Bochum has made a nice little photo update, and it sounds like they gave Hans Gochermann a ride around Hidden Valley. The team also shared this video of their car really hauling around the track. reports that Stanford had some issues out on the track. Sounds electrical, but I'm sure they'll be back up and running for tomorrow.

Sunswift posted this great photo of SunSpec's car to Facebook, and I love the shape comparison in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who pointed out articles about Twente's situation with their University (123). It sounds like they're in a bit of a rough spot, and it certainly explains the a lot of what we've been seeing from the team.

Most teams seemed to be running really well out at the track. I saw a few sketchy moments out at Turn 5, but overall it was a day of really clean driving. Some teams were out very little (probably just letting each driver get a quick feel for the track) while other teams seemed to be doing extended testing. In particular, I think MIT almost spent more time out on the track than in the pits, and I saw the UofAdelaide and UKZN out very often as well.

I don't have too much more to say than that, so onto the photos:

Adjustable caster on IVE's from suspension?

Like I said earlier, I saw quite a few teams get loose out in Turn 5. I saw Michigan's tail wag once or twice, but it was very much under control - I continue to be deeply impressed by the stability of Michigan's car. I also saw Tehran get way wide out on the rubble strips and a little sideways, and I caught some photos of Western Sydney getting a little loose. The 5fps gif isn't as impressive as seeing it and hearing the tires squeal in real life, but it gives you an idea... See below for some full frames. Dang, there is not a lot of clearance between the outside fairing and the pavement...

That's all I've got for today. See you tomorrow, folks...

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